Rates & Pricing

Flight Instruction

Flight lessons are charged by the hour, with an instructor rate as well as an airplane and/or headset rental if you do not own your own airplane.  Instruction in your own airplane costs slightly more due to insurance requirements.  The rates are as follows:



     Ground Instruction (including instruction using our simulator)


     Flight Instruction (with rental of our airplane)


     Flight Instruction (your own airplane)


   Rental (includes fuel) - check out Our Fleet


     Cessna 172SP - N53468 (2002) and N916BA (2003)


     Cessna 182RG - N7131S (1981)


     Cessna 172M - N20454 (1973)


     Citabria 7GCBC - N291CA (2004)


     Gobosh G700 (light sport) - N1890R (2007)


     Redbird FMX Flight Simulator


     Discovery Flights (Introductory Flights)


   Flight in 4-seat Cessna 172






Block Discount Program: If you pay us $1000 cash or check, we will put an additional $100 credit on your account, to be used for instruction and airplane rental.  Sorry, ground school courses, pilot supplies and maintenance items are not included.

 Scenic Flights

Scenic Flights are $195 (approximately 1 hour), for up to 3 passengers.  Call us for weight restrictions.

Aircraft Maintenance and Repair

Annual inspection prices are based on the aircraft, with any necessary repairs charged at the shop hourly labor rate.  The shop rate is $80./hour for fixed-wing aircraft, $85/hour for helicopters, and $95/hour for turbine equipment.  Please call for details.

 Parking and Miscellaneous

Parking fees are currently $8 per night for single-engine piston/helicopter, $12 per night for twin piston aircraft, $30 per night for turbo props and $45 per night for jets.  Please call for other prices.

 Fuel and Services





      Jet A (premix)



      Avgas 100LL



      Mogas (91-oct. ethanol free)         



We also offer Phillips 66 Partners-Into-Plane contract fuel.  You can also check out our fuel prices and other information on Airnav - KSFM

Service Prices (please call to check for prices or services not listed here).

After-hours fee:     $75 per hour for assistance outside our normal business hours
Handling fees:

Turbo Props: $25 handling fee-waived for fuel purchase of >75 gals

Light Jets (<500 gal capacity): $50 handling fee-waived for fuel purchase of >100 gals

Small Jets (500-1000 gal capacity): $75 handling fee-waived for fuel purchase of >200gals

Midsize Jets (1000-2500 gal capacity): $100 handling fee-waived for fuel purchase of >400 gals

Large Jets (>2500 gal capacity): $200 handling fee-waived for fuel purchase of >750 gals

Oxygen top-off:    $50

Lavatory service:  $50

GPU use:               $50 per hour (min 1hr charge)

All major credit cards accepted, as well as Multi-Service, AvCard, and Government AIR card

All prices displayed here were updated on January 19, 2015.  The information is kept as up to date as possible but not guaranteed to be accurate.  Please call to confirm.