PSI/Lasergrade Testing

We are an authorized testing center for all FAA and FCC tests.  Testing is available Monday - Friday, 8am - 4pm.

List of FAA Exams
Allowable Aids & Materials

Please pre-register with PSI/Lasergrade at 1-800-211-2754.  Specify testing center #04003. If you are unable to pre-register, walk-in testing may still be available depending on our schedule. Please call us to check at 207-324-8919.

Required Documentation

   - Government-issued Photo ID
        (Drivers License, Passport, etc)

   - One of the following:
       - A certificate of graduation or  statement certifying 
         satisfactory completion of ground school for the
         certificate or rating sought.   OR
       - A written statement or logbook endorsement from
         an authorized instructor certifying that the applicant 
         completed the relevant training and is prepared for
         the knowledge test.