Flight School

Learn to Fly
If you're new to flying and want to learn more, this is a brief overview of our flight programs including flight training, costs, and license options - for recreational pilots or those pursuing an aviation career

Training Programs
Listing of the certificate and rating options we offer, including part 141 training for which your VA benefits may apply

Advanced Ratings
Details on advanced ratings and specialized training such as spin training

International Pilots
Specialized information for foreign students and pilots with military experience

Our Fleet
Photographs and descriptions of the aircraft we have available for training or rent

Our Instructors 
Meet our friendly and highly qualified FAA-certified flight instructors

Ground School Classes
Course outlines for our ground school classes, offered 3x per year for the private pilot or sport pilot certificate and once per year for the instrument rating (availability for other classes varies)

Full-Motion Simulator
Overview of our Redbird FMX motion simulator, and describes training package options and qualifications

Testing Center
Information on testing details at our Lasergrade/PSI testing facility, for all FAA tests (mechanic, pilot)

You can find our hourly flight training and airplane rental prices on the Prices page.